The Air Doctor is grateful for Greenville, Pitt County, and surrounding communities for allowing and trusting us to provide services for your HVAC and commercial refrigeration needs. We take pride in our community and want to see everyone in it succeed.  Giving back and being a positive presence in our community is extremely important to us.

Why do we give back you our community? Well there are a few reasons. 

  1. We give because we care. We care about what happens to the people and businesses in Greenville and surrounding communities.
  2. We give because we believe in paying it forward. We believe in givers gain and that what we give will eventually come back and benefit the greater good. 
  3. We give because it is often times fun and enjoyable. We enjoy seeing the people in our community happy and thriving.
  4. We give because as a Christian based business, we believe that it is what God wants us to do. “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” Galatians 5:13

We encourage you to participate in community events and to give back as well. Below are community events and opportunities for you to give back.  

If you would like to contact The Air Doctor in regards to community support and engagement, please email [email protected]. 

Color Bomb Business Fun Run

The Air Doctor is proud to sponsor with the Ayden Chamber of Commerce to sponsor the Color Bomb Business Fun Run!

The Ayden Chamber of Commerce is adding a little bit of spice to the business community with a 5k color fun run! Come walk, run, jog, skip, or even dance through Ayden while being “bombed” with beautiful, vibrant, colored (and washable) chalk followed by a color explosion dance party for runners and non runners! This is a family friendly event for all ages!

The Color Bomb starts Saturday, September 17 at 7:30 am. The run will kick off at 8:00 with music, and a small color explosion where participants will throw color and get motivated and hyped up! Official start time is 8:30am.

The route starts on 3rd street and takes participants to downtown Ayden, past the Ayden Museum and back up 2nd street. Participants will come back down 3rd and end at the band stand on West Avenue. During their walk/run they will encounter three sponsored Color Bombing Stations where volunteers will bomb them with beautiful, bright colored, washable chalk! Thanks to our sponsors, there will be two water booths on the route so participants can stay hydrated! At the end of the run we will have a BIG color explosion that both participants and non participants can take part in! Individual color packets will be sold before and during the event for non participants to “bomb” their runners as they cross the finish line and for the ending Color Explosion.

To Register visit THE COLOR BOMB